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Kiiking is more in demand than ever ...

As some may have already noticed, we were recently able to present our beloved sport in local and national TV reports.

If you have missed something, we have compiled the excerpts from the Internet for you to look at again, just follow the button.

PS: There is currently another TV request. The curious and impatient can already visit us on 8.7. Keep it free and be there on site. For everyone else, we'll share the report later

German Kiiking Association e.V. - Challenge gravity

Discover the different swing

Challenge Gravity - Kiiking
Challenge Gravity - Team
Welcome to the German Kiiking Association e.V.,

learn everything about the trend sport Kiiking and our non-profit association from Bonn. In addition to lots of information about our sport, we keep you up to date on upcoming events. Our website is still at the very beginning, but should gradually grow. Many interactive options will follow, for example to record your personal achievements and to share and compare them with others.

We wish you a lot of fun and look forward to welcoming you on the swings soon (again)

This is Kiiking

Jonas E. auf der KiikKiiking is a popular sport from Estonia and means simply swinging. In contrast to the usual playground swing, the board of the Kiik is attached to stable iron bars. With an optimal execution, this enables the possibility of rollovers using the body's own strength.

In Kiiking, 4 different factors mainly determine whether a rollover is reached or not. Strength in the arms and legs is required to push yourself from a crouch into the stand despite centrifugal forces of around 3-4G. As it often takes 30 turns to roll over, a good level of endurance is extremely important. In addition, the better the technique of crouching or squatting in the right moment is, the sooner the rollover will be mastered. Finally, the heads should not be neglected either, because it costs willpower as soon as the feet are higher than the head and you have to squat quickly against gravity.

The main goal is to achieve a rollover with the largest possible rod length. Of course, other "competitions" can also be organized, such as the number of rollovers in a row, as few swings as possible until the first rollover or the rollovers per minute.

It is essential to take into account that Kiiking is physically demanding. Therefore, we place the highest priority on health and explore the physical state of health. The majority of adults stay on the kiik for 1 to 2 minutes before their strength wears off.

German Kiiking Association e.V. - Club information

Challenge Gravity - VereinslogoIt all started when Jonas Schöne and his father Rolf brought the first rollover swing with a trailer from Estonia to Bonn in April 2017. Just a year later, Jonas founded the first Kiiking club in germany, which currently has around 15 members.

Together we pursue the goal of spreading the sport in Germany and increasing the level of awareness according to the motto Challenge Gravity. Therefore, we enable non-members to demonstrate their skills and arouse enthusiasm.

Every now and then we also hold beginner courses in which we offer trainings for setting up a kiik and the safe fastening techniques.

Supporters and sponsors

At this point we would also like to thank our sponsors and supporters, without whose help we would not be able to do many things.

Rolf and Andrea

www.verlaufen.com - Das größte mobile Labyrinth der WeltMany thanks to Rolf and Andrea for their financial support and the environment around the labyrinth, which means that nothing is missing for Kiiking friends.

For more information on the labyrinth, visit www.verlaufen.com