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Origin of Kiiking

Kiiking has been a popular sport in Estonia for centuries. In many villages you can find traditional wooden swings, where typically 4 to 10 people swing together. Even then, attempts were made to roll over with these 2.5 m high swings. The injury rate was extremely high.
In 1993 Ado Kosk (Estonia) built the first wooden kiik for a single person. The swings have been made of metal or modern composite since 1996. In addition, Ado Kosk developed a telescopic system for frames and shafts that made it possible to vary the height of the kiik.
Kiiking is still a relatively unknown sport. First in 1999 the first Kiiking club (today under the direction of Ants Tamme) was established in Estonia, which annually hosts championships. Other countries where the Kiik has already arrived are Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, New Zealand, Finland and America.