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About Kiiking

The sport Kiiking originally comes from Estonia and means something like swings. However, Kiiking goes beyond the usual swinging that we are familiar with, because the Kiik tries to roll over while standing. Kiiking is only mentioned when the feet are higher than the head.

Nowadays, a distinction is made between different swing models, the MIKI - also called "Children's Kiik" - and the KIKI models 1-3, which all differ in length. In the meantime another type independent of Estonia has been developed, the Highlooop. This Austrian version is available in two sizes.

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The Guinness Book of Records list top Kiiking performances with different focuses. Since August 1997, Kiiking championships have been held in Estonia, where you challenge with others by length with at least roll over. This is considered as the official championship criterion. But there are also other interesting Kiiking records.
  • 7.38m - Sven Saarpere (25-08-2018, Estonia)
  • 6.08m - Helga Ehrenbusch (09-02-2019, Estonia)
  • Most rollovers:
  • 799 - Bechara Abou Khater (05-09-2016, Lebanon)
  • Most rollovers - Couple:
  • 212 - Paavo Lahtinen & Martti Pohjosaho (07-07-2000, Finland)
  • Most rollovers in 60 seconds:
  • 39 - Manuel Heister (22-11-2009, Germany)
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